Every web site we design incorporates the latest techniques in search engine optimization. Our team analyzes your site even down to the naming of images and directories to determine the right combination that will increase your site’s chance for a higher ranking in the search engines.

C-Double Web Development can optimize your existing site by first analyzing your web site’s structure and current ranking in Google, Yahoo, MSN, Alexa, etc. We look at your competition, add meta tags with your keywords, add a description of your product or services, create a Google sitemap, submit your site to search engines and directories.

These are just a few of the steps that we use to improve your chances of receiving a higher search engine ranking.  We use proven techniques to improve your website’s search engine placement and increase your overall traffic. Contact us about optimizing your site today!

We have a collection of tools you can use to check your site to see how your site ranks in the search engines.